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Volume 3, Issue 1, June 2019, Page: 1-8
Bibliometric Analysis of Scientific Production on Tourism and Tourism Product
Norton Peña Aguilera, Teaching Department of the Municipal University Branch Calixto García, University of Holguín, Holguín, Cuba
Lisbet Eunice Pérez Anzardo, Teaching Department of the Municipal University Branch Calixto García, University of Holguín, Holguín, Cuba
Pedro Bruzón Sosa, Teaching Department of the Municipal University Branch Calixto García, University of Holguín, Holguín, Cuba
Reyner Pérez Campdesuñer, Tourist Departament of Technical University of Ecuador, Santo Domingo, Ecuador
Received: Nov. 13, 2018;       Accepted: Dec. 17, 2018;       Published: Feb. 21, 2019
DOI: 10.11648/j.ijhtm.20190301.11       View        Downloads  
Tourism is one of the sectors with more dynamism in the world. For the Latin American countries it represents an opportunity of growth and economic and social development. Cuba is making its best efforts to link and base its economy to this ever-growing field. The presently article carried out a bibliometric analysis of the scientific investigations about tourism in general and on the tourist product, starting from the year 1975. That scientific production was formally and thematically characterized through several bibliometric indicative, standing out the productivity for authors, the chronological variation of the number of works published in this field, idiomatic productivity, the areas in those that they have been carried out, among other elements of interest for this study type. The objective is to verify what is being investigated, and for who, as well as the evolution of the academic expression of the countries in this area, in articles and magazines scientific, which are the main channel of diffusion of this topic at the present time, among other publications which contribute to a better knowledge of the map of the investigation. The analysis presented indications of improvements in the academic participation, what represents the importance of the topic for studies of sustainable tourism and the growth of the sector.
Bibliometrics, Scientific Investigation, Tourism and Tourism Product
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Norton Peña Aguilera, Lisbet Eunice Pérez Anzardo, Pedro Bruzón Sosa, Reyner Pérez Campdesuñer, Bibliometric Analysis of Scientific Production on Tourism and Tourism Product, International Journal of Hospitality & Tourism Management. Vol. 3, No. 1, 2019, pp. 1-8. doi: 10.11648/j.ijhtm.20190301.11
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